Corfu celebrates Easter with a wide variety of unique local traditions, but the most popular of all is that of the “Botides”. Throughout Greece the tradition is to make as much noise as possible on Easter Sunday to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. In Corfu, in the historic city center, the locals achieve this by throwing jugs of all sizes, even enormous amphora-like pots, from their balconies to smash on the street below. This cacophony is accompanied by music from the dozens of philharmonic bands of Corfu.

The day before in a more sombre ritual, the Epitaphios procession takes place, with the relics of Aghios Spyridonas being carried through the streets together with the epitaphios, or funerary bier, of Christ. The procession takes place on Holy Saturday as opposed to the customary Good Friday in remembrance of a mandate imposed by the Venetians in 1574.


Daily flights from Athens, with an average price of 280 euros return. By car from Athens to the port of Igoumenitsa (about 5 hours, 130 euros for fuel and tolls roundtrip) and then a ferry boat (22 euros/person and 80 euros/car roundtrip).