Introducing Evia & the Sporades

Evia (Εύβοια) and the four Sporades islands (Οι Σποράδες) remain largely off the beaten island path. Although Evia is Greece’s second-largest island, it seems hidden in plain view, only separated from the mainland by the narrow Evripos Channel at busy Halkida. Away from this commercial hub, the pace slows as the landscape stretches out, dotted by hilltop monasteries, small farms, vineyards, hidden bays and not a few curious goats.

The Sporades (‘scattered ones’) seem like extensions of the forested Pelion Peninsula, and, in fact, they were joined in prehistoric times. Skiathos, easily the most developed of the group, claims the sandiest beaches in the Aegean. Low-key Skopelos kicks back with a postcard-worthy harbour and forest meadows. Remote Alonnisos anchors the National Marine Park of the Northern Sporades. Skyros, the southernmost of the chain, is known for its culinary and artistic traditions that date from Byzantine times when these islands were home to rogues and pirates.